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Learners require a balanced educational program that gives ample opportunity to develop holistically. The importance of physical and arts education is well understood. They add value to a learner’s development in many areas, as is the same for language learning.

Students from Early Childhood through to High School have the appropriate levels of sports, Arts, and Language available to them within the school day as well as in after-school activities.

Sports and Physical Education

The American International School of Cape Town (AISCT) recognizes the value of physical activity as an important avenue to contribute to the holistic development of every student. The inclusion of both competitive sports and leisure physical activities aims to supplement the development of physical literacy in Physical Education and provide opportunities for competition, as well as accommodate maximum participation. AISCT believes that sports and physical activity not only provide for the refinement of skill but also teach necessary life skills of teamwork, cooperation, perseverance, unselfishness, commitment, leadership, communication, and self-discipline, all of which have a positive effect on overall growth and learning. Alongside physical education in our curriculum, the AISCT After-School Activities (ASA) program is designed to cater for athletic, artistic, and altruistic growth.


Our Arts programs include visual arts, design, dance, theater arts, and music. Students are given the opportunity to develop artistic perceptions, creative expression, and aesthetics of art as well as developing their ability to make the connections between art and other aspects of life. Students will have the opportunity to develop themes of work according to their ability levels. The process of creative thinking and expression is nurtured across all grade levels encouraging students to explore and discover art forms from various cultures/countries. Through the arts, students learn to work together, collaborate, and build confidence. They gain practical skills, learn new techniques in each field, and have an array of arts electives to choose from as they progress into the higher grade levels.


At AISCT, we offer courses in French and Spanish as a foreign language from as early as Grade 1, with levels I, II, and III in the Middle school, and moving into classes of Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and AP levels in the High School. The primary goal of the foreign language program is to build on students’ grammatical and vocabulary knowledge and place an emphasis on meaningful communication. As an international school, the cultural component of our foreign language courses is highly emphasized as students are exposed to the different elements of culture.

To learn more about Sports and After-school activities, download our Handbook here. To learn more about electives in each area, visit the ECD, Elementary, Middle and High School information.