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Every decision we make at AISCT is measured by the impact it will have on our learners. 

We measure development and growth within learning and social and emotional wellbeing through our assessments throughout the year and at the end of the year, as well as through standardized testing. The end of the year examinations for High school students is another avenue to measure student development. Each year we review our graduation or matriculation results and university acceptances.

AP Results and University Acceptances

We prepare students to be able to attend Colleges and Universities around the world. Our 2023 graduates were accepted to 98 different universities and received over R19 million in scholarship offers. 

We are one of the few schools to offer Advanced Placement (AP) courses in South Africa, with 22 AP courses on offer to 10th, 11th, and 12th graders.


Student learning is supported through our community and ensures that all our families, faculties, and staff find a sense of belonging at AISCT. We assess our community each year through our annual surveys.


We cannot provide exceptional learning for students without organization sustainability, and to assess our growth in these areas we annually review our fiscal health as well as our environmental and social impact.

Equally, it is our learners who will have the greatest impact. Through our learning and curriculum and our focus on global citizenship, we see our students have tangible impacts within their school life. The AISCT Impact Projects in the High School are a key example of this.