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Curriculum and Learning

Definition of Learning

Learning is the lifelong, dynamic process of acquiring and reflecting on knowledge and skills to make meaning in novel and authentic situations.

What does learning look like at AISCT?

  • Inspires curiosity
  • Actively engages learners
  • Connects previous learning with new learning
  • Facilitates student agency

Beliefs about learning

We believe that everybody can learn, and we learn best when we:

  • feel safe, supported and connected to each other
  • have a clear purpose for learning
  • set clear and high expectations
  • engage in rich, relevant and authentic experiences
  • take responsibility and set goals for our own learning
  • collaborate and communicate
  • are challenged and take appropriate risks
  • receive on-going, quality feedback
  • reflect on ourselves as learners


Assessment of student learning at AISCT involves teachers, students, and parents. The primary purposes of assessment and grading include providing feedback to students for self-assessment and growth and encouraging student progress and self-monitoring of learning. The focus is always on the learning first and not the score or mark.

Definition of Assessment at AISCT

Assessment is the continuous process of gathering, analyzing, and interpreting evidence to identify a student’s progress towards and attainment of specific learning standards. This allows for students and teachers to make informed decisions that enhance student learning.

At AISCT, we believe that seven key principles define effective assessment.
Effective assessment:

  1. Benefits students
  2. Involves students.
  3. Supports teaching and learning goals
  4. Is planned and communicated to the students
  5. Is suited to the purpose
  6. Is valid and fair
  7. Is embedded in the school ethos

For more information about Assessment at AISCT, download this overview.


AISCT provides a rigorous, university-prep program using research-based standards and benchmarks out of the United States that are aligned to meet our school curricular needs. The curriculum used at AISCT is similar to thousands of other prestigious public and private schools in the United States and around the world. Click here for an overview of our core standards.