At AISCT, we have the responsibility to assist students in continuing their learning during an emergency or crisis. Learning continuance needs to be seen as mandatory for students and an authentic replacement for regular school attendance. In the event of a health-related, political, or natural disaster emergency, we must be capable of continuing the effective education of students within 48 hours of an emergency and up to one term in length. As such, we have designed a Virtual Learning Program.

Included in the Virtual Learning Program are several documents, the main one being the Virtual Learning Plan. The Virtual Learning Plan describes how we can ensure the preparedness, response, and recovery from emergencies affecting our ability to deliver instruction on the physical premise.


Click on the buttons below to access the Virtual Learning Plan for each individual school.


Transitioning from the traditional classroom to virtual online learning may not be an easy task for everyone. However, students can be successful with the support of their parents. This support is different with children of all ages. We ask that you take the time to read the Virtual Learning Plan, especially the section including the parent and guardian responsibilities. We can accomplish this and support children if we all work together on this challenge.


Virtual learning may be challenging for some students and rewarding for others. The key is to work together with the teachers. Before implementing the Virtual Learning Plan, it is essential that students read it, especially the section including the student responsibilities. Following these guidelines and being organized and prepared will help make the transition to virtual learning seamless.


As we are entering unchartered territory, parents may have many questions along the way. In order to help navigate our way, we have created a document that will help answer questions as they arise.

School Closure and Virtual Learning FAQ For Parents

Should you have questions about the school’s program over the next month, you can log your questions here.