We believe in the use of positive behavior management
to encourage children to make the right choices.

The EARLY CHILDHOOD DEVELOPMENT (ECD), section of AISCT consists of Grizzly Cubs and KG 1. There are currently three Grizzly Cubs classrooms; one class of 2-3 year olds and two classes of 3 – 4 year olds. Each class is limited to 14 students. Our two KG 1 classes, consisting of max 16 students per class, is home to our 4-5 year old students. All ECD classes have a qualified teacher as well as a teacher’s assistant. The ECD team strives to nurture the development of the whole child and to ensure a seamless transition to Elementary School. 

We offer both a half day (07:30 – 12:15) as well as a full day (07:30 – 14:50) program, however our full day program seems more popular.


Our program focuses greatly on learning through play; especially sensory play. As dedicated educators we recognise that all students learn differently and gather information through all their senses. Therefore we aim to provide a sensory rich environment for all our students in ECD. Learners have the opportunity to explore our themes and concepts in a tactile, visual, kinesthetic and auditory manner to address their individual learning styles.
Language development is a crucial part of our program. Literacy is incorporated in all circle and story time activities as well as in structured and free centers. In Grizzly Cubs the learning of letters and sounds is more coincidental and occurs through play, whereas in KG 1, more carefully planned activities and centers provide ample opportunities to develop early reading and writing skills. Show-and-tell and “Star of the Day” sessions promote listening and speaking skills.
Numeracy is part of our daily program. Each day starts with students going over the calendar and recording the weather. Various activities throughout the day also provide practice in counting, sequencing, ordering and sorting. In Grizzly Cubs, the teachers guide students through several concepts of early mathematics. KG 1 students follow the Every Day Math program as prescribed for 4-5 year olds. All activities provide hands-on, concrete examples of the concepts introduced.
At AISCT we promote life-long learning and it starts with our youngest learners in the ECD section. We believe that empowering our students with problem solving skills, we will enable them to make valued contributions as the future generation. We create opportunities for problem solving through role play, mathematical reasoning, social interactions, behavioural reflections and conflict resolution as well as during story time and circle time discussions.

As part of whole child development, the ECD team also focuses on the development of fine – and gross-motor skills. Daily activities incorporate threading, cutting, painting, drawing, playing with play dough and doing various craft activities to encourage accurate pencil grip and fine motor control. The well equipped playground, weekly PE lessons and extra optional activities also provide multiple opportunities to encourage gross-motor development, balance and coordination.



The days in our ECD classrooms consist of a healthy balance between structured activities/routine and free play and exploration. Each day starts and ends with circle time or community circle, and activities flow from one to the next with the teachers preparing the students for each transition. A healthy morning fruit snack is offered daily and hot lunch is provided for by the school’s cafeteria. Some classes will have another fruit snack in the afternoon. Lunch is followed by rest time. After rest time, students will continue with the afternoon’s activities and free centers. Grizzly Cubs students can choose from several extra optional activities to participate in during the school day and KG 1 students can participate in the after school activities program which runs from 15:00 – 16:00 daily.


Teachers take their students outside as often as possible to use nature as their classroom. Play areas are set-up to promote learning and exploration. Field trips both on and off campus enrich our program at AISCT and offers real-life experiences to all our learners.


Each term all ECD students participate in school wide initiatives and civvies days to donate funds to charities identified by the service learning coordinator and committee. We strive to create global awareness from an early age in our students to make them aware of the difference they can make in their communities.