ELEMENTARY SCHOOL students are encouraged to appreciate musical concepts and traditions using the cultural diversity of AISCT as a springboard for studying different musical styles and forms. We focus on a variety of music appreciation mechanisms including general and cultural music appreciation, music theory, practical music, and creative music expression. Besides focusing on how music works, we also explore practical music in terms of drumming, guitar and community singing. The curriculum focuses on laying a solid foundation for more experimental and contemporary creative aspects that we explore in Middle School music classes.


MIDDLE SCHOOL students gain a well-rounded appreciation for Music and develop a broad knowledge of music history, musical terminology and instruments, as well as a basic idea of musical concepts. There is a large focus on enjoyment in the classroom and learning through practice, listening and observation is used extensively. Students are expected to perform annually at the music showcase event in Term 4.

November 8, 2019
Students from Mr. Starcke’s MS music class, the AISCT band, and ArtsPlus students performed pieces during the first of our newly-introduced Pop-Up Concerts. It was lovely to see the performing arts on display in this way.


MARIMBA class introduces High School students to the sounds and histories of this iconic African instrument. At the end of one year in the Marimba elective, students will be able to read notated music, be able to focus on a selected section of a music part as part of an immediate larger whole performance, be able to focus on directing the ‘live’ performance and obtain a more thorough understanding of songwriting/song construction and what it takes (in terms of weekly practicing and mental preparation) to create a successful ‘live’ public performance.

September 23, 2019
Our 40 marimba students rocked the house with their fabulous and energised renditions of traditional, pop, and classic songs that included “YMCA”, “September”, “Old Town Road”, “In the Jungle”, “Thriller”,  and even the “Star Wars” theme! A genuinely great grizzly thank you to all our stunning marimba students for coming to school in the middle of a valuable long weekend and being such professional brand ambassadors!


GLEE is a high school elective course incorporating music-related elements from different genres such as Pop, Broadway and Hip-Hop. The course is available to high school students of any musical ability and offers training in vocal technique, performance, choreography and harmonisation. In addition to pop-up and extra-mural performances, GLEE students are given the opportunity to perform their musical numbers on stage throughout the course of the year.

November 26, 2019

Dressed in red and black with cute Santa hats, the GLEE class presented a selection of songs to bring on the festive feeling before the holidays. A donation drive was held alongside Caps for Care to gather donations for St George’s Home for Girls. Thank you to all the High School students for their amazing support of the GLEE initiative and for making a meaningful contribution with their generous donations.